Monday, 22 June 2009

The Battle of Hastings

One of my Mum's posts has got me thinking...what is my favorite poem?

It definitely has to be this one...


By Marriott Edgar

I'll tell of the Battle of Hastings,
As happened in days long gone by,
When Duke William became King of England,
And 'Arold got shot in the eye.

It were this way - one day in October
The Duke, who were always a toff
Having no battles on at the moment,
Had given his lads a day off.

They'd all taken boats to go fishing,
When some chap in t' Conqueror's ear
Said 'Let's go and put breeze up the Saxons;'
Said Bill - 'By gum, that's an idea.'

Then turning around to his soldiers,
He lifted his big Norman voice,
Shouting - 'Hands up who's coming to England.'
That was swank 'cos they hadn't no choice.

They started away about tea-time -
The sea was so calm and so still,
And at quarter to ten the next morning
They arrived at a place called Bexhill.

King 'Arold came up as they landed -
His face full of venom and 'ate -
He said 'If you've come for Regatta
You've got here just six weeks too late.'

At this William rose, cool but 'aughty,
And said 'Give us none of your cheek;
You'd best have your throne re-upholstered,
I'll be wanting to use it next week.'

When 'Arold heard this 'ere defiance,
With rage he turned purple and blue,
And shouted some rude words in Saxon,
To which William answered - 'And you.'

'Twere a beautiful day for a battle;
The Normans set off with a will,
And when both sides was duly assembled,
They tossed for the top of the hill.

King 'Arold he won the advantage,
On the hill-top he took up his stand,
With his knaves and his cads all around him,
On his 'orse with his 'awk in his 'and.

The Normans had nowt in their favour,
Their chance of a victory seemed small,
For the slope of the field were against them,
And the wind in their faces an' all.

The kick-off were sharp at two-thirty,
And soon as the whistle had went
Both sides started banging each other
'Til the swineherds could hear them in Kent.

The Saxons had best line of forwards,
Well armed both with buckler and sword -
But the Normans had best combination,
And when half-time came neither had scored.

So the Duke called his cohorts together
And said - 'Let's pretend that we're beat,
Once we get Saxons down on the level
We'll cut off their means of retreat.'

So they ran - and the Saxons ran after,
Just exactly as William had planned,
Leaving 'Arold alone on the hill-top
On his 'orse with his 'awk in his 'and.

When the Conqueror saw what had happened,
A bow and an arrow he drew;
He went right up to 'Arold and shot him.
He were off-side, but what could they do?

The Normans turned round in a fury,
And gave back both parry and thrust,
Till the fight were all over bar shouting,
And you couldn't see Saxons for dust.

And after the battle were over
They found 'Arold so stately and grand,
Sitting there with an eye-full of arrow
On his 'orse with his 'awk in his 'and.

We had this on cassette performed by Fivepenny Piece, I loved listening to it, we had played it so often we ended up wearing the tape out! But even as I read it now I still hear it as Fivepenny Piece performed it.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Easily distracted

Well hello there, long time no see. I'm not really doing to well on the old blogging front am I! Every now & then I find myself sat in front of the computer starting a new post but then get I find I've let myself get distracted yet again...oops.

Here's a bit of an update on what I've been doing...

Have been working quite a lot, not that I'm grumbling, I'm still enjoying the job & feel very lucky to actually have one. In May Diane(one of my colleagues) & I took four of our residents on holiday. We stayed at a lovely farm in Whitwell, & we all had a great time doing all the tourist things; like visiting Flamingo Park, the island's Steam Railway, eating ice-creams on the sea-front & much more. Definitely no complaints from me, get paid to go on holiday. Vanessa, another of my colleagues, & I have also taken three of the ladies to Porstmouth shopping, again how can I complain a day off the island & shopping!

I've now booked all of my holiday for this year;

A week off in August, Elena & I are planning to go to Southampton shopping, any one wishes to join us then the more the merrier.

A week off in September, hopefully Matt & I are going to go to the Bestival at Robin Hill with Christian & Gina, but no definite plans on that yet.

And two weeks off in October, again some plans to maybe go on a late deal holiday for the first week, depending on money of course. Then spend some time with Elena for the second week(October half term) hopefully if it's OK with Auntie Claire & she hasn't got any plans to go away or anything for that week then visit them.

Matt, Elena & I have been spending quite a lot of time together, we've been out sailing & spending time at the yacht club as well as going to Robin Hill a couple of times. The first time we all stupidly wore flip flops, if any one is ever planning to visit Robin Hill I would suggest wearing trainers, much more sensible.

Matt & I have been to Porstmouth to meet some of his family. We had a great day shopping, going up the Spinnaker Tower & having an all you can eat Chinese at Water Margin in Gunwarf Quays, we were rather full by the end of it. Matt treated me to a new Fat Face t-shirt & a lovely black & white going out dress from M&S.

I have finally got round to buying myself a new car. A blue Vauxhall Astra, & its lovely to drive something with a quiet exhaust.

We've been spending a bit of time with Christian & Gina, we've had a BBQ, spent the day at the beach, gone to the pub a few times & played golf together. Next month we are planning on having a night out in Portsmouth, where I'll be able to wear my new dress. Hopefully Lisa & Liam are going to join us as well.

Friday, 1 May 2009

1 Month Later...

I've been at my job for 1 whole month now, & I'm really enjoying it. Everyone is fantastic & really easy to get on with.

So what have I been up to for an entire month without blogging once?...

Well have been working loads, which is great, am thinking of the pay cheque at the end of the month.

Mum, Dad & Elena went on holiday to the Maldives over Easter.I stayed at home with Lisa, Liam & Tillett. I get on with them really well but unfortunately I suffer with "Monica-itus", (I really really hate mess!) Lisa, Liam & Tillett on the other hand really don't seem to mind it. Good job their all lovely, & Lisa's a smashing cook. Though I only go to have a couple of meals with them due to working (& being fed at work) & the couple of days when Matt was in hospital.

Yep Matt has been for a trip to St. Mary's. One night, about a week before Mum & Dad got home, we had to go to A&E as Matt had a rash on his legs that wasn't going away & was struggling to breathe! We arrived at there at 11 pm. By 2am they had decided to admit him for more tests on his lungs & liver!?! By 4am I had to go home as I was exhausted. Matt had to stay in for 2 days. (We still haven't got any answers as to what was wrong in the first place. Oh well at least he's feeling much better now).

Elena & I have had a go on the landboard. Elena loved & wants to come down with us next time. I'm still not sure what I think yet, but will have another go to see if if I like it any more.

Other than that not a lot has happened. Mum has booked a holiday to America for 2 weeks in October 2010. Possibly thinking about going away with them in February. I'm off on my first client holiday for work soon. Am trying to convince anyone to come with me to see Simply Red at Osborne House in August. Might end up dragging Matt along, he has told me he likes them & managed about 4 words of Fairground as proof! I think going to see Simply Red would be better than watching the Disney Princess Parade, which I made him do when he took me to Disney land Paris for my 21st. LOL.

Right well I'm going to try & get some sleep, as I'm sat here at work (doing my first sleep in), feeling rather tired yet worried that I haven't done something. Oh well have to try I guess. TTFN x

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Sun Has Got His Hat On!

Yes Mr. Sunshine has certainly had his hat on for the past week, it has been beautiful weather, I really hope it's like it this summer.

Well I still haven't heard anything about my car, other than my Dad receiving a quote from one of the garages I took it to! Over £550 so I think I'll probably get a new car if the council decide not to pay.

Matt has taken me to Ryde House to fill out a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) form, just waiting on that to come back then I can start. I'm still so excited, but feeling a little pessimistic at the same time. I keep dreaming that something happens that means I'm not allowed to work for them!

The place I went to this time was in a different part of Ryde & it was beautiful, if I hadn't of had directions I wouldn't have known it was there, it was off the main road & surrounded by trees, they had their own garden centre/nursery there & it was just so peaceful & relaxing.

Matt & I have been on a couple of walks. On Sunday, 15th March, we walked with Matt's friend Cristian (usually known by his last name Warren) & his fiancee Gina. We walked through Sandown golf course & up the cycle track to Newchurch. We did take a detour off the cycle track at one point, having been told it would be quicker, it took us right up a hill & through a farm, well the hill almost killed me yet everyone else was fine, so I think I definitely need to get some more exercise before Florida.

We ended up in a pub in Newchurch called the Pointers, it was lovely one of those pubs where every one feels at home, one bloke had even left his money & phone on the bar whilst he went outside! We had a couple of drinks each, outside as we were rather hot. Then walked back. Matt showed Warren & Gina the Michael McIntyre skip, he did it during one of his stand ups & said that skipping though generally frowned upon unless your a 5 year old girl, was actually an easy way of getting about quickly so long as you swung your arms together. It was certainly a sight to see the 3 of them skipping down the cycle track.Lol!

Matt & I also walked from home to Arreton on Saturday, where Mum & Dad picked us up, as there was no way we could have walked back home & got there in time to go to the Ponda Rosa.

On Sunday Matt & I were going to try & walk from Home in Sandown to Newport, but as there was a bit of wind we called in at Yaverland first (with the intention of going on a walk in bit) & ended up spending the day down there.

Warren & Matt have made a landboard. Basically a mountain board with a windsurf sail attached. Some of the islanders really make my blood boil, they complain that the kids run around causing chaos, but anything that they love doing they put a stop to, the most recent one is the youth clubs, some of the islanders are trying to close all the youth clubs on the island. Well how can they then complain that the kids are always running around making trouble! But it isn't just the kids some rather large. old lady shouted out of her car as her husband drove past (she didn't even have the nerve to come say it to our faces) that this was a car park not a sailing ground!

Matt on the landboard

Warren on the landboard

After a bit another of Matt's friends, Kim/Kym (not sure on the spelling) turned up with his homemade landboard. And we went down the revetment to Dinosaur Isle & then back again.

Matt, Kym/ Kim & Warren landboarding along the revetment

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hmm What Can I Say Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Yesterday a man came from the council's insurers to inspect my car, so hopefully we will hear from them soon. Might just be me being pessimistic but I don't think he believed me over what had happened to the car, still I will keep my fingers crossed.

Mum & I nipped up to Morrison's today, for part of my birthday present Nana & GrandJack had given me a £20 Morrison's saver stamp book, so I've treated myself to a itunes gift card. Mum needed some bits so we thought we'd get it from there just in-case they said anything about buying a gift voucher with a gift voucher.

At 2 o'clock Matt picked me up to take me to Ryde for my interview at Ryde House. It's a privately owned company that provides accommodation & care for people with learning difficulties. I think the last time I was that nervous was when I took my 2nd driving test! Luckily Colin interviewed me as well as the main manager, so with him there I felt a lot calmer, even though at one point I had to sit on my hands to stop them from shaking!

Well they seemed really impressed with me, luckily everything I'd put on my application form seemed to help, like having my own department at Woolies, my interests and hobbies etc.

They told me they would let me know either way on Monday & if I was offered the job would have to have a police check done, which could take anything from2-4 weeks.

On my way to the interview

After the longest interview I've ever had (an hour!) Matt dropped me off at home, whilst he went back to his to carry on with the work in the garden, he's finished painting the fence now & has started on relaying the patio.

Around 5.30 whilst sat talking to Lisa over the internet I had a phone call, it was from Ryde House... I GOT THE JOB. OMG I was so excited as I was still on the phone I was typing to Lisa & Liam & as soon as I put the phone down I ran outside to tell Dad ( he had just pulled up in the car), then on the phone to everyone else I could think of. Including Sharon, who was really pleased for me & promised to write a glowing reference.

So now I just have to wait for my references to go through & this police check, then I'll be working again. Yay. Now to book the holiday to America.

So thank you Kerri & Colin xxx


Monday, 9 March 2009

Everything Happens For A Reason!?!

Hmm what have I been up to recently well been to the job centre yet again. Almost (as Debbie says) "lamped" the women serving me when she told me yet again to visit the useless crown website (that directs you to places like the job centre website- genius) & that I had go round all hotels & businesses begging for a job... What the hell do they think we're doing? OK I'm not visiting people in their places of work, but I am sending out numerous CV's! There's just no jobs around at the moment.

Lisa & Liam have come down to celebrate Lisa's birthday, bringing with them 3 of Lisa's flatmates, Abbie, Katie & Emily. On Friday, 27th February, Mum & I nipped to Tescos's & bought the biggest chicken going (actually I thin it was a turkey pretending to be a chicken).

Then whilst Mum as at work I made a rather huge Keylime pie, using the new cook book that I've typed up, made sure everywhere was tidy & with Elena's help pumped up a couple of airbeds for the girls to sleep on.

Lisa & the gang arrived about 7.30 & after a tea of Shepperd's pie & Keylime pie Mum dropped us off at Bogeys.

Abbie, me, Liam, Emily, Elena, Katie, Lisa & Sam

We had a great night & on the way home Abbie & Katie decided to go for a paddle in the sea! It's far too cold for me in the summer when I will only venture in if accompanied by my winter wetsuit & wetsuit boots! Matt picked me up as I was staying at his.

Spent all of Saturday in bed, every time I go out I say to myself this time I won't mix. But I always manage it & regret it the next day. Thought the last time I went out I'd mixed cider & amaretto, this time thought I'd better not mix the 2 so I had cider, sambuca, tequila, sours & champagne...oops. Unfortunately it meant missing Shaun's 21st, but there was no way I could have drunk again that night.

Sunday, whilst Matt was out boarding with Christian, Elena & I went down Sandown with Lisa & co. First we visited the Rock shop, so the girls could buy some,yes you guessed it, sticks of rock, then down to the pier.

We all had a game of crazy golf, which was a laugh. Lisa's first shot bounced out of the 1st hole we were playing on & then landed on the 2nd. Abbie hit the ball so hard on one hole it ended up in a little well of water, where Lisa fished it out for her. Then on the last hole (where when I took Elena & Jake in the summer, Jake managed to hit some woman down the other end off the hole) Lisa hit her ball so hard it ended up on hole 1! Steve walked round & got the ball for her, she took another shot & it rolled all the way down to the beginning of the hole, so Abbie hit it up to us, managed to get it through a rather small hole in the wall & the ball ended up on hole 2!

Elena, Emily, me, Abbie & Katie playing golf on the pier

Dad cooked a huge roast dinner for all of us & we managed to sit 12 people around the dinning room table, it was like trying to eat your dinner on an aeroplane! There was Mum, Dad, Lisa, Liam, Elena, Sam, Steve, Abbie, Katie, Emily, Matt & me! I hope Lisa liked all her presents, I got her a hand blender & in a lovely folder had given her a copy of the Hopwood's cook book. Lisa, Liam & everyone left around 8.30 so they could go back to uni.

Have been watching Gavin & Stacey , it was 1 of the DVD's I got free from the Entertainment roadshow I went on for Woolies, I've never watched it because looking at the front cover I thought it looked rather chavy. Proving you should never judge a book, or in this case DVD, by it's cover! It's brilliant I can't believe I was considering getting rid of it!

Have done a car boot sale with some of my stuff & the stuff Mum & dad have cleared out of different places. Managed to get just under £40 & have also sold their old cooker for £65. Mum & Dad have very kindly let me keep all the money & want it to go towards fixing my car. So just got to wait to hear from the council. If the council do cough up then we're going to put it towards a big birthday meal when Lisa & Liam next come down. We're going to go to the Ponda Rosa in Ryde to celebrate Mum's birthday, Mother's Day, Sam's 21st & my birthday.

For my birthday Matt took me bowling on the Wednesday & then out for a meal at the Dairyman's Daughter. It's a really lovely pub in Arreton & is usually really busy but tonight, even thought the car park was quite full, Matt & I were the only people in there! He also bought me series 2 of Gavin & Stacey.

Mum & Dad bought me a digital camera, so now I can take decent photo's. Lisa & Liam bought me a memory card for my camera, a couple of necklace, some earrings & a pink travel adaptor. Elena got me a pink heat protective mat for my hair straighteners & a cross stitch & I got money & Morrisons stamps from Nana & GrandJack, Nana- Jean, Teresa & co, Auntie Claire & Wendy.

Wendy bought Matt & me a curry from Taj Tandoori to celebrate my birthday. So I'm managing to make the celebrations last quite a while as the meal out to Ponda Rosa is 2 weeks after my birthday! Lisa would be proud.

Went to Newport Friday with Mum & bought myself a new hoodie, highlighter blue this time, & a white top similar to the top I wore to Bogeys. We met up with Dad for dinner & on the way back to the car picked up a brochure for Disney World Florida, ad Mum & Dad want to take Elena there. And if I get a job & can save enough money then hopefully I'll go to.

Saturday night Matt dropped me off in Newport as it was Sam's birthday, we went to school together & she worked at Woolworths but left quite a while before it shut. I didn't stay long as Newport's not really that nice a place to go drinking in. Cat was there as well so it was really nice to see her.

Sunday Matt dropped me off at the King's to meet up with every one from Woolies. We had decided last time that we'd all get together to celebrate all the birthdays in February & March. This time Cat, Shaun Debbie & myself turned up, I'm beginning o wonder what the point is as no-one can ever be bothered to turn up or to tell us they aren't coming.

Matt picked me gone 6 & we went back to his to watch Heston Blumenthals Victorian Feast, it was brilliant, he even manged to make a drink that was all pink but tasted of toffee, hot buttered toast, turkey, custard & cherry tart!

Kerri's husband Colin phoned me this morning to say I have an interview on Thursday at Ryde House, where he works & He is the one who has tried to get me a job. So keep your fingers, toes eyes & anything else possible crossed for me.

Well i think I should really get up & dressed now as it's gone midday. TTFN. x

Thursday, 19 February 2009

It's Official!

Matt's boat is now over at Cowes, after a very long, slow journey there. We kept pulling over to allow cars to go past & at one point I even spotted Cat's car, so text her apologising which she found highly amusing. It took us all day as first we took the boat, then popped into Yaverland to pick up Matt's catamaran trailer so we could take the mast separately. But it's there now so all is good.

Had an email from Sharon last night asking me to see if I could get hold of as many people from work as possible to get their details for our claim against Deloitte, it's amazing how fast people email back when it's regarding them receiving money! Oh well, we've managed to get everyone so Kerry's going to help Sharon fill out the form's & get them sent off.

Southampton today. The Red Jet terminal was so busy the queue was out of the door & on to the street! We found out when we got on the boat that all the very thick fog had delayed everything.

I managed to get some new pyjama bottoms from Primark & get a few birthday presents sorted out. It was a really lovely day out with Mum, Elena & Kerry but I was definitely glad to get back, feeling rather tired now.

Matt picked me up from home & we spent a few hours together, I must have been such great company as at one point I did nod off! Just before he dropped me back off we went down Shanklin seafront for a quick drive, it was lovely watching the waves come in.

Thought I'd quickly check my emails before going to bed & found one from Shaun. It's official Sandown Woolworths is becoming a Sainsbury's local,, think I'll be sending my C.V. off to them tomorrow along with getting a quote for the damage on my car (to complete the council claim form).

Off to bed now for some much needed sleep. TTFN